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Samantha Kunzelman and Azimuth colleague, Claudia Esguerra

Samantha Kunzelman joined the military in her late teens – and had a notable 24-year career, going from working as a laboratory technician to overseeing 120 people as a program manager of a medical laboratory. She acquired her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in management and accounting along the way, assisting her rise through the ranks. In summer of 2021, she retired – but is now serving in another capacity. After retiring from the Air Force, Samantha joined the Azimuth family as a program manager overseeing various research and administrative contracts for the Beavercreek-based national defense service organization. She has found the perfect fit in her new role, marrying her need to continue supporting our U.S. military with a desirable work environment.  

“I feel like I’m still meeting the mission and giving back to the war fighter, doing the things that still make my heart beat, even though I’m not wearing a uniform every day. I’m still connected and still helping, which is important to me,” she said. 

Kunzelman is not the only military veteran to find her way to Azimuth: veterans comprise more than 25% of the Azimuth workforce. “When you’re in the military, it’s like being in a family – and Azimuth has that same type of feeling. We’re working closely together to protect the war fighter from something or make their job easier, or as easy on their body as possible, depending on the research project.”  

Team Azimuth at the BPTW 2022 Dinner

Azimuth pairs this shared mission with a close-knit, collaborative work environment. “The president of the company is just two doors down. If I have a problem, it’s not that hard to go down and have a conversation with her. She’s open. She listens,” Kunzelman said. 

The Azimuth family culture is the product of mission-driven, talented professionals and strategic, compassionate, and down-to-earth leadership. Recent recognition as a 2022 Dayton

Business Journal Best Places to Work reflects our ongoing commitment to one another, our customers, and to our national security mission. These awards are based on employee surveys, covering staff engagement, team effectiveness, manager effectiveness and other workplace best practices. In previous years, Azimuth has been recognized for similar efforts, including being named Dayton Business Journal’s 2019 Woman-Owned Business of the Year.  

Awards like this come forth when fostering a workplace with the worker in mind, which President and CEO Valerie Rossi recognizes as important. “We are always focused on delivering excellence to our customers, but so much of that begins with employee satisfaction,” Rossi said.  

This top-down employee-focused approach keeps the business moving forward – and keeps employees like Kunzelman happy. “When you get here and see that it’s all about taking care of the war fighter,” she said, “and you have this collaborative, supportive work environment, you realize quickly that you’re in the right place, and you’ve found your people.” 

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