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Like many of us, Azimuth President and CEO Valerie Rossi had a career path with twists and turns. After graduating from college, she was determined to become an environmental scientist—but life had other plans for her.

“I pictured myself in hip waders, studying freshwater bodies. I definitely didn’t see myself in an office,” she said.

Her dream hit the job market after college—and she found herself in an office, working as a staff scientist for EPA programs. She assessed pollution prevention opportunities at Hill Air Force Base—and discovered her talent and passion for managing government programs. “I like the competitive part of it, and the technical and writing aspects. And it’s fulfilling to facilitate military customers. I’ve always felt grateful for our service members, how they protect us and our way of life, and I genuinely feel honored to support them. It makes for meaningful work.”

She established her career, managing government programs for large businesses in Dayton—but always felt hamstringed, as far as serving her customers. “I knew I could do better for them. That was—and still is—my motivation.”

So, in 2001, she ventured out to manage programs as she saw fit, establishing Azimuth Corporation with two part-time employees and herself as the sole full-time employee. Her approach was a resounding success, with company growth to the tune of 138 current full-time employees and over $41 million of revenue for 2023—and, most importantly, satisfied customers across multiple national security organizations.

“I love the customer aspect of the work. The Air Force, OUSD, NGA, or whoever the customer is—it’s just a collection of people who count on you to deliver something so they can do their job,” she said. “And that’s the focus of my work—facilitating other people so they have everything they need to do their jobs.”

Even now, with company growth making it impossible for Valerie to be hands-on with every customer, she still employs this approach—with her employees. “I engage with them and make sure they have everything they need to do their jobs; they’re my customers too,” she said. “At the end of the day, I need to make sure every one of my customers is happy—and that starts with my team.”

About Azimuth
Azimuth Corporation is an award-winning Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) founded in 2001 with one mission—to provide unmatched service and products to our national security customers. With a steadfast devotion to our nation’s security and strong ties to the military, with over 30% of our workforce being veterans, Azimuth provides research, development, and technical support; programming and policy expertise; security and threat analysis; operational, program and administrative management assistance; and database and modeling support. For more information about Azimuth’s capabilities and contributions, please visit:


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