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As a small business in an industry flooded by large businesses, Azimuth Corporation takes pride in a president who is a phone call away for government customers—or walk down the hallway for employees. Heavily engaged leadership lends itself to flexibility and agility—and exemplary customer service. This seeps into every facet of the company, including Azimuth’s internal R&D department: the Autonomy, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (AAIM) Lab.

Azimuth Chief Engineer Rick Hubbard provides innovative leadership for the AAIM Lab, emphasizing flexibility at the heart of its offerings. “We don’t pitch a single-solution product or have a pre-defined notion of how to solve your problem,” he said. “We use our capabilities to create a customized solution.”

The AAIM Lab has found success employing this approach for customers across the DOD and IC including the DAF, DON, Army, NASIC, NGA, and others—tackling a variety of problem sets and presenting state-of-the-art AI solutions. Presently, AAIM Lab projects include applying AI for design of the next generation of meta-optics, material design for controlling the propagation of radio waves to and from sensors, joint collaborative command, and control (JC3) for autonomous systems, advanced data analytics and trend analysis, and process automation.

Azimuth founded the AAIM Lab in 2020 with a mission: to expand how Azimuth offers services to the DOD and IC. “The ultimate goal is to provide AI as a service, building customized tools that help customers do their job,” said Hubbard.

The mission includes furthering state-of-the-art technologies—in major strides. “We’re not looking to introduce ideas that only improve the state of the art by 5%,” said Hubbard. “We want to create the next cutting-edge application or technology for customers that’s a 50% improvement—that is how we maintain our competitive edge as a nation.”

The AAIM Lab’s flexible approach to technology solutions benefits its government and commercial customers—and Azimuth employees. “The lab also serves as a way for scientists and engineers within our company to work on projects they’re passionate about,” said Hubbard. “They can come to us with a problem and a viable solution, and we try to find funding for them to pursue their solution, inking their mark on the scientific and research community.” This open approach provides a pathway for creative solutions to government problems and adds to job fulfillment for Azimuth employees.

Beyond these passion projects, the AAIM Lab’s approach to government solutions ensures a variety of work for AAIM Lab employees. “Some engineers work on a single product line or software platform their entire career. That’s not us,” said Hubbard. “Our engineers and scientists work on multiple things at once. The exposure to different problem sets and customers is exciting and makes for fulfilling and meaningful work.”

Thanks to company—and AAIM Lab—growth, more scientists and engineers have joined the Azimuth team, contributing to state-of-the-art, purposeful, “think-outside-the-box” work in support of our national security customers. “At the end of the day, that’s our goal,” said Hubbard. “To provide technology solutions that ensure our warfighters can complete their missions and come home safely.”

To learn more about how the AAIM lab can assist with your mission, visit the AAIM Lab webpage or contact Chief Engineer Rick Hubbard at To explore Azimuth career opportunities, visit our careers webpage or contact

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