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Azimuth provides technology solutions to support the defense of our nation.

Azimuth’s technology capabilities span a wide range of disciplines, covering end-to-end solutions, starting with innovative research and novel material development, supported through high-end information technology solution development, and rounded out with industrial base and lifecycle management innovations.


Research & Development

Azimuth’s team of highly educated research scientists combined with enabling technology partners in industry and academia solve problems for AFRL's Materials and Sensors branches with our expertise in high power laser and microwave sources and components; active and passive, hard and soft functional materials; electro- and magneto-optic devices; and related platform, system, device and aircrew protection technologies.

Our team members publish scientific research in the top journals and present findings at national and international conferences. Azimuth engages in research laboratory management – facilitation, equipment acquisition and maintenance, as well as general lab and unique test material supply.

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Services include
  • Direct Energy
    • Laser & Microwave sources and components
    • Protective coatings
    • Protective devices
  • Photonic Technologies
    • Electro-optics
    • Magneto-optics
    • Micro-fluidics and Nano-material
  • Presentations and Publications
  • Lab Management
    • Lab planning and management
    • Equipment facilitation, operation, and maintenance
    • Lab supplies and unique experimentation materials
Who has received this service?
  • Air Force Research Labs (AFRL)


Azimuth provides a range of engineering expertise to our Air Force customers. Projects include: human performance monitoring in a range of stressful environments for monitoring, assessment, and training purposes; bio-based replacement of synthetics in liquid crystal materials; predictive susceptibility analysis and damage measurement of sensitive devices; and intelligent IT operations including machine learning for novel material and structure design, as well as artificial intelligence to assist in bulk data analysis.

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Services include
  • Aircrew and Sensor Protection
  • Bio-materials
  • Bio-sensors
  • Damage Analysis
  • ISR ML/AI integration
Who has received this service?
  • Air Force Research Labs (AFRL)
  • Under-Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (USD/I)
  • 711th Human Performance Wing

Information Technology

Azimuth’s IT capabilities support scientific, engineering, and intelligence operations ranging from database development, and data processing and manipulation.

We’ve developed flexible use analytical data visualization capabilities ranging from object tracking to predictive bio-signature patterning.

Our artificial intelligence capabilities range from situational analysis comprehension to meta-material creation.

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Azimuth has installed a unique model team for novel material development based on machine learning capabilities. Instead of testing materials or device structures and evaluating outcomes, the team tells the high-performance computing cluster what the desired performance capability is, with the programmed learning algorithms developing potential materials or structures.

Services include
  • Data Visualization
  • Databases and Algorithm Development
  • Computer Modeling
  • Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
Who has received this service?
  • Air Force Research Labs (AFRL)
  • Under-Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (USD/I)
  • 711th Human Performance Wing

Lifecycle Management

Azimuth works with our Lifecycle Management Center customers as Integrated Master Schedulers (IMS) track and plan essential platform upgrades and maintenance while meeting fleet preparedness metrics, identifying risk throughout.

Our IMS and Foreign Military Sales team perform fleet sales to partner countries, planning and preparing for deliveries while ensuring statutory obligations and technology sharing limitations are met.

Azimuth knowledge capture and management capabilities have been performed and used for over a decade at customers like AFSAC and NAVSUP, and within our IMS functions.

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Azimuth IMS SME develops a playbook for planning, documentation, and inspection for platform lifecycle maintenance needs. The playbook ensures accuracy and routine of input collection, scheduling, and critical path identification and analysis, as well as metrics monitoring. It enables consistency in workflow for ease of assessment and tracking across a varied team of government military and civilian leadership, operations management, various platform contractor partners.

Services include
  • Foreign Military Sales
  • Integrated Master Scheduling
  • Process Knowledge Management
Who has received this service?
  • AF Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC)
  • Air Force Security Assistance Center (AFSAC)
  • Navy Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP)

Industrial Base Capabilities

Azimuth’s Industrial Base analysis and assessment team research and report on defense critical industrial base capabilities. This includes market, technology, and manufacturing research, completing relevant reports containing business, financial, budget, and contract analysis, with related risk assessments.

Reports include business cases for technology direction and investment impacts, manufacturing/technology readiness, diminishing resources, risk analysis and other relevant analyzed data.

Azimuth team members provide event coordination and execution across a range of functional interests and at various sizes and scopes.

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Azimuth personnel have years of experience in leading small and large technical events. Azimuth is executing our 5th bi-annual Laser Hardening Program Review, a 250-person by-invitation gathering of government, industry, and academia at up to Top Secret security level. Azimuth executes all arrangements including facilities, website for registration and payment, security Visit Authorization collection and checks, catering, ODCs (pens, signage, etc.), as well as coordination for an on-base evening social and tour.

Services include
  • Market-wide Assessments
  • Business and Financial Analysis
  • Manufacturing Sources and Capabilities
  • Contract and IP Analysis
  • Programs and Budgets
Who has received this service?
  • Air Force Research Labs (AFRL)
  • OUSD


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