Azimuth Announces Flexible Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Solution

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The Department of Defense faces constantly increasing pressure to find solutions to national defense challenges – equipping and protecting our warfighters – faster than ever. Azimuth Corporation is excited to announce a new in-house capability to help our DoD and other customers overcome compressed technology development timeframes.  We will do this through the use of high-performance computing-based tools in our Autonomy, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (AAIM) Lab.

Azimuth will employ concepts in the AAIM Lab with proven capability and efficiency demonstrated in prior Air Force contract work.  The motivation for the AAIM Lab creation is to take a leap beyond the specific technical challenges and work constraints of singular contracts.  Instead, the AAIM Lab will provide third-party merchant service undertaking development challenges for various customers and partners, employing existing and to-be-developed AI/ML tools, all through an open array of vehicles or purchase agreements. Existing prime and sub-contracts, in-development vehicles (e.g., CRADAs, SBIRs) and commercial agreements will enable the application of expertise to a host of interested parties looking for AI/ML-powered solutions to their challenges.

Azimuth has invested internal funds (IRAD dollars) in staffing and equipping of our AAIM Lab, with notable expertise including optical, molecular, and quantum sciences. The Lab is slated to be fully operational by May 2020. For more information, email or contact Jonah Nelson at

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