Research And Development



Due to our technical expertise, Azimuth is called upon to develop lasers, optics, solid state physics, solar array design, and Bio-sensors for human performance studies. We also conduct materials research in the nano, meta, electronics/thermal control technologies. Our management skills are utilized within the laboratory as well. We often provide laboratory test plans and experiments, service maintenance agreements and metrics as well as equipment management and maintenance, consumables and materials purchasing and finally, general lab and high-bay support.



Azimuth applies extraordinary program and administrative management across all mission areas. We do it right, on time and within budget. We develop innovative solutions and provide the oversight, planning and management to achieve successful program execution. We are experts in project management, financial planning, forecasting and revenue projections. Our staff commonly utilizes government information systems such as DTS, DCIPS, ISMS, IDMS, CATMS, and WAWF, among others.

Whether you need
  • On-the-job training materials
  • Workforce development and process solutions
  • Document and archiving support
  • Electronic document conversion
  • Metrics and data analysis
  • Graphics and media management
  • Facilities and security management
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