Installation Management

Installation Management is a critical mission in our ever-changing world. Therefore, we employ nationally-recognized experts to ensure our customers are supported. Our subject matter experts focus on Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) processes and military installation cost reduction initiatives. They bring degrees in Geology, Environmental Policy and Management, Environmental Law and Natural Resources Law.

Azimuth brings our extraordinary Program and Administrative Management to the forefront to ensure federal to private transition occurs flawlessly. Partnering with the local community is a key ingredient to a successful transition. Change Management is another critical element to achieve success. Understanding and execution of policy, laws and regulation are essential. We use an Integrated Master Plan and Schedule (IMP/S) to ensure all redevelopment and property disposition stays on track. The Azimuth team ensures, through our management processes, that the environmental transition (facilities, housing, real estate and utilities) and asset management (Base Operations, redevelopment planning and commercial infrastructure) are considered within the IMP/S. Finally, our training expertise will ensure a smooth transition from federal to private use. Azimuth can be trusted to get the job done right, on time, within budget.


Program Administration and Management



Azimuth applies extraordinary program and administrative management across all mission areas. We do it right, on time and within budget. We develop innovative solutions and provide the oversight, planning and management to achieve successful program execution. We are experts in project management, financial planning, forecasting and revenue projections. Our staff commonly utilizes government information systems such as DTS, DCIPS, ISMS, IDMS, CATMS, and WAWF, among others.

Whether you need
  • On-the-job training materials
  • Workforce development and process solutions
  • Document and archiving support
  • Electronic document conversion
  • Metrics and data analysis
  • Graphics and media management
  • Facilities and security management
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