Industrial Base Analysis


The US Government relies on Azimuth to ensure US technology is the best our military services can use. Azimuth conducts industrial base analysis, technology assessments and studies, emerging trends and forecasts to guarantee our military services are protected and are indeed using the best technology available. Azimuth provides analysis for supply chain, foreign supplier, manufacturing and next generation technology, threats against our weapon systems in space, directed energy and sensors. Azimuth produces detailed reports for the Department of Defense which include findings, technology trends, financial risk assessments and market forecasts. The US Government trusts Azimuth to do it right. Our military services depend on it.

Program Administration and Management



Azimuth applies extraordinary program and administrative management across all mission areas. We do it right, on time and within budget. We develop innovative solutions and provide the oversight, planning and management to achieve successful program execution. We are experts in project management, financial planning, forecasting and revenue projections. Our staff commonly utilizes government information systems such as DTS, DCIPS, ISMS, IDMS, CATMS, and WAWF, among others.

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  • Metrics and data analysis
  • Graphics and media management
  • Facilities and security management
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